P4SD Labs has been experimenting on 10,000 willing test subjects in order to enhance their creativity. Unfortunately, experiments have resulted in a major side effect, becoming Possessed! Even worse, there were thousands who passed away and were thrown into death pits during the experiments. The problem is, they forgot to burn the corpses in the death pits and now, the dead ones came back as Blesssed Zombies. P4SD Labs will develop a cure for them before someone else finds a way of using them as a weapon? Or maybe, they will eat all our brains!

This collection is a salute to the original collection of Psssd and to the team behind it and has no connection to it whatsoever. We just loved what they have done.


We have more like “following the leader and trying to be as good as possible”.

What does it mean? It means that we will try to follow the steps of the Psssd team and deliver as best as we can. We don’t want to over-promise or under-promise. We will also listen to you and try to build our future together. Maybe we can surpass the Psssd; who knows!